Weston Agricultural College

Weston Agricultural College

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On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (14:15—16:15) boys have compulsory farm
duty which has traditionally been called Section. These farm practicals and
duties are done under supervision in groups called Gangs.
Gangs also have to attend scheduled Early Morning Section and Weekend Section (approx. every 6 weeks). 

It is compulsory for Day Scholars to attend Section on Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons as well as Early Morning and Weekend Section Duty. Day Scholars may stay in boarding for the night before Early Morning Section and for Friday and Saturday nights before Weekend Section and then depart at 11:00 after Section on Sundays.

The following are skills the boys will learn while on Section.


Practical Skills Development

Resource Conservation 
Land Preparation 
Fertilisation and Pest Control
Planning and Marketing 
Using and Maintaining Machines & Equipment 
Workshop—use of tools and machinery 
Silage Making
Pasture Management
Vegetable Production
Dairy Management
Animal Husbandry
Tractor Driving


Additional Courses

Dohne Merino Sheep Judging 
Chainsaw and Fencing 
Tractor Ops and Driving 
Brahman Judging 
SABI Irrigation 
DNA Sampling & Brucellosis Testing 
Artificial Insemination
Agricultural Youth Shows
Wool Classification
Labour Law
Precision Crop Farming
Animal Behaviour & Handling
Soil Practicals

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The Info Booklet below will answer most of your questions.  Please contact our school should you have any further enquiries.