Weston Agricultural College

Weston Agricultural College

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Boarding Guidelines



05:45 Wake Up & Shower
06:10 Inspection in Hostel
06:30 Breakfast & Sick Bay
07:15 All Boarders to School
07:20 Morning Briefing Assembly
07:30 School Day starts
10:10 Tea Break
10:40 School Lessons continue
13:20 School Lessons End
13:20 Lunch
14:15 Sport / Section Starts
16:15 Sport / Section Ends
16:30 Dorms Open & Shower Time
17:30 Dinner & Sick Bay
18:30 Prep Starts
19:30 Prep Break
19:45 Prep Continues
20:30 Prep Ends & Free Time
21:00 Quiet Time
21:30 Lights Out


04:15 Report to Section
06:00 Back to Hostel


18:30 Prep Starts
19:15 Prep Break
19:30 Prep Continues
20:00 Prep Ends
20:30 Quiet Time
21:00 Lights Out


Make bed.
Shoes polished.
Cupboards neat and in order.
Uniform inspection.
Desks neat and free from toiletries & clutter.
Common room tidy.
Clothes and shoes removed from bathrooms.
Gumboot room tidy.
Clean shaven face, hair and nails neat.
Laundry in bag and laundry list correctly
No items on top of cupboards.
Shoes in cupboards.
Bags stored away.


- Have you completed and submitted all the relevant documentation required from you?


- Have you completed your son’s medical health record? Please submit one with your documents or send to contact@weston.co.za.

- Scholar are not allowed meds in hostel and must hand in all meds for dispensing.

- You will be notified if your child is admitted overnight to Sick Bay, consults with a GP or is admitted to hospital. Parents of Day Scholars will be contacted if the school feels the child needs to be collected from school.

- The school strongly recommends your son is covered by Medical Aid in case of emergencies.

- Please submit confirmation that your child has had a Tetanus vaccination prior to arriving at Weston.


- Parents of Boarders will need to complete an Exeat Form should they wish their children to leave the boarding house.

- This form needs to be completed and e-mailed to Hostel Masters no later than 10:00 on Wednesdays.

- Copies can be obtained on D6 or at the School’s Front Office.

- All Boarders must be signed in and out at the security gate. Boarders are to return to school by 17:00 on Sunday or 07:00 on a Monday morning. The exception to that is at the beginning of a New Term and following a Half Term Break when it is compulsory for them to return by 17:00 the evening before school starts.

- Boarders may not go out on a Friday if they have sport on the Saturday morning – they may leave after 1st Team games.

- Boarders going out for the day (08:30 – 17:00) must also complete an Exeat Form and submit no later than 10:00 on previous Wednesday.

- Kindly note these procedures are for the safety of your children.

- All Boarders to depart school in their No 1 uniforms.


- Boarders may bring their bicycles to school but should a large repair need to be done they will have to be taken home at Half Term/End of  Term to be repaired. Bicycles may be locked in the bicycle room. All boys riding bikes or boards need to wear helmet.


- Boarding scholars may only bring 4/5 sets of appropriate civies to school. Weston has a pool so please supply your child with a costume and swimming towel.


- New Boys will not be permitted cell phones during the First Term and second term. There-after they will be advised of the school’s Cell Phone Policy and expected to adhere to it.


- Please do not send your son to school with large amounts of cash and also please encourage them to keep their personal items locked away in their rooms.


- All clothing must be clearly marked with sew on labels, not marking pens or iron on labels.

- Boys must use their own laundry bags and lists for their washing. No laundry will be accepted unless the laundry list is correctly filled out in duplicate.

- Jolly bags must be used for socks and underpants. Please supply cable ties to secure jolly bags. Failing this, laundry will not be done. Clothing that is   badly torn will not be accepted by the laundry.

- Scholars will be advised of hand in and collection times. If a learner does not abide to these times the laundry will not be accepted or returned.

Boarders Dorm Kit

1 Large Suitcase or Trunk
1 Weekend Bag / Travel Bag
1 School Bag
1 Rucksack
1 Toiletry Bag and Toiletries
1 Alarm Clock
1 Table Lamp
1 Multi Plug / Two-Prong Plug
12 Coat Hangers
1 Tuck Box - lockable
1 Torch & Headlamp
3 Padlocks with keys
1 Shoe Cleaner Kit
2 Laundry Bags
2 Jolly Bags (Underwear) & 30 cable ties to close jolly bags
2 Pillows and 1 Duvet Inner
2 Sets of Bed Linen - pillow cases, sheets and duvet covers
3 Bath Towels
1 Swimming Towel
2 Facecloths
1 Sleeping Bag (Camping Trips)
Additional Blankets for Winter
Spare Name Tags