Weston Agricultural College

Weston Agricultural College

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Weston Boarding

Boarding Houses

The boarding establishment has grown from two buildings in the early days of Weston to four buildings able to accommodate a maximum of 222 boarders. Each boarder has his own cubicle with bed, bedside table and chair, clothes locker and under-bed storage compartment.

The boarding establishment is divided into East and West Common, with Parker House occupying a special position within West Common. The Hostel Superintendent is in overall charge of the boarding establishment, and keeps in contact with the staff members in each Common and Parker House on a regular basis. Every day a Duty Tutor from each Common supervises the boarders in his Common, from breakfast in the morning, through lunch, supper and prep (homework) to lights out at night. The Duty Tutors are assisted by the Prefect body – each Common and Parker House has a Head of House Prefect and two or three prefects who take turns to supervise meals and prep classrooms, carry out daily inspections and also act as representatives of the boarders and sort out minor grievances.

The dining hall has been moved at least once in the history of the boarding establishment, and now lies in the centre of the establishment along with the laundry and the sick bay. The whole complex adjoins the school buildings. Also within the boarding establishment complex are various recreation rooms. During the week there is little time to watch television, or play table tennis or pool/snooker, but over the weekends those boarders staying in do have time to use these facilities.

Due to the hazards of overtaxing the wiring in the buildings, each boarder is allowed only a bedside radio/alarm and lamp. Although boarders love to bring kettles, heating elements, electric blankets, snackwich makers and such, these private electrical appliances are not permitted to avoid personal injury or damage to the boarding establishment.


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Boarders Dorm Kit

1 Large Suitcase or Trunk
1 Weekend Bag / Travel Bag
1 School Bag
1 Rucksack
1 Toiletry Bag and Toiletries
1 Alarm Clock
1 Table Lamp
1 Multi Plug / Two-Prong Plug
12 Coat Hangers
1 Tuck Box - lockable
1 Torch & Headlamp
3 Padlocks with keys
1 Shoe Cleaner Kit
2 Laundry Bags
2 Jolly Bags (Underwear) & 30 cable ties to close jolly bags
2 Pillows and 1 Duvet Inner
2 Sets of Bed Linen - pillow cases, sheets and duvet covers
3 Bath Towels
1 Swimming Towel
2 Facecloths
1 Sleeping Bag (Camping Trips)
Additional Blankets for Winter
Spare Name Tags