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Our school is sensitive to accommodating students who require concessions.   We have structures in place for students to be assessed.

Concessions are based on previous and current recommendations from Remedial Specialists or Educational Psychologists (current assessments must not be more than a year old).

Concessions may include a Reader, a Scribe, a spelling concession and/or extra time.  It is at the discretion of the Department of Education to approve such concession applications.

Mrs Tamara Williamson liaises with parent with regards to co-ordinating students from grades 8 to 12 with suitable Readers /Scribes to assist when needed. She correlates the time- tables, venues, number of exam hours as well as administers the payment for these services.

In Grade 12, students who qualify for concessions each have a separate venue with one-on-one assistance. The Department of Education requires all final exams to be recorded by the Reader/Scribe and a copy of the recorded exam session is handed in with each exam. If extra time is a concession, an extra 10 minutes per hour is allowed.

Kindly contact Mrs Tamra Williamson on williamson@bundunet.com should you have any further queries.

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The Info Booklet below will answer most of your questions.  Please contact our school should you have any further enquiries.