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Weston Agricultural College

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School Governing Board

Weston has a very active and enthusiastic School Governing Board (SGB) whose main objective is to support the Principal and
Teaching Staff and in doing so, ensure that scholars get the best possible education. The SGB does this through the development and
implementation of a wide range of policies that govern areas such as educational and sporting instruction, discipline, the learners’ code of conduct and
overseeing the finances of the school. This includes the setting of school fees, developing and
managing the school budget, and raising funds to supplement school fees.

The SGB consists of the following people: 

- The School Principal.

- Elected (voting) members: these may include Parents of scholars at the school, Teachers,  Staff Members who are not Teachers such as the financial administrator and also Scholars at the school.

- Co-opted (non-voting) members: these members of the SGB are usually co-opted because they have a special skill which would benefit the school (for example an Old Boy who can oversee specific farm projects.

Parents should make up 51% of the voting members of the SGB.  It is important that parents who put their names in the hat for nomination understand the crucial role that the SGB play in the management of the school and do so with the sole intention of working in the best interest of the school.

The sad reality is that uninvolved parents pass up on the chance to have their voices heard and to play an active role in the running of their children’s school. Even if you are not interested in becoming an elected official, you can still participate in the election by nominating a suitable candidate and voting. 

Keep in mind that members of the SGB don’t have to be educational experts to make a meaningful contribution. One of the strongest assets of a governing body is a diverse group of parents with many different skills sets.

Along with the SGB, Weston also has a wonderful group of Moms and Dads who assist at fundraising and sport events.  This is an excellent way to become involved in the school & get to know other Parents, Teachers and Administrators at Weston who share the common goal of maintaining a supportive atmosphere at our school.

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The Info Booklet below will answer most of your questions.  Please contact our school should you have any further enquiries.