Weston Agricultural College

Weston Agricultural College

Fee Structure

  Tuition Incidentals
(Including Insurance)
Annual Day Scholar
Boarding Total Annual
for Boarders
for Day Scholars
for Boarders
Gr 8 R 35 910 R 3 900 R 39 810 R 32 340 R 72 150 R 4 000 R 7 300
Gr 9 R 35 910 R 3 900 R 39 810 R 37 800 R 77 610 R 4 000 R 7 800
Gr 10 R 35 910 R 3 900 R 39 810 R 53 340 R 93 150 R 4 000 R 9 500
Gr 11 R 35 910 R 3 900 R 39 810 R 53 340 R 93 150 R 4 000 R 9 500
Gr 12 R 35 910 R 3 900 R 39 810 R 53 340 R 93150 R 4 000 R 9 500


Incidental Expenses

A charge of R975 for incidentals is levied every term to cover the following: loan of text and exercise books, photocopying, entertainment, routine medical attention, sport and culture, catering and transport requirements.

Additional Charges

Transport and other costs for special events, tours, etc. will be charged separately.
Lunch is provided at a cost of R1 470 per term or R20 per lunch. Should parents wish to provide their sons with lunch, this charge is not applicable. Kindly notify the School accord-ingly.
An annual premium of R1 720 per boy is charged for compulsory Accident Insurance.

Payment of Fees

Annually: If the 2019 annual tuition fees are paid in full by 28 February 2019 a 5% discount is offered.
Via Debit Order: Fees are payable monthly over a 10-month period by debit order or alterna-tively may be paid quarterly IN ADVANCE by debit order. Failed debit orders carry a charge of R85.
All extra expenses will be charged on a monthly basis and are required to be paid on presen-tation of the account.
Any overdue amounts will be charged interest at the maximum prescribed rate in accord-ance with the National Credit Act 34 of 2005.
All accounts are to be settled by the end of October for any given year.
A full term’s notice, in writing, or one term’s fees in lieu thereof, is required before with-drawal of a pupil from School and/or boarding.

Application Fee

In the case of a new pupil, a registration fee of R1 000 (which is non-refundable) should accompany the Application Form.
On receipt of the application form, the registration fee as well as a copy of the pupil’s Birth Certificate and copy of his most recent school report, the parents and pupil will be invited for an interview with the Headmaster. The pupil may be required to do an assessment be-fore a place is offered to him.
Should a pupil, after entering Weston request to leave, a term’s notice in writing will be required.

School Bank Account

Weston Agricultural College First National Bank
Mooi River Branch Code - 25 06 55
Account : 6231 363 0073 Swift Code : FIRNZAJJ

Download Information Booklet


The Info Booklet below will answer most of your questions.  Please contact our school should you have any further enquiries.